Administer your ghost pages shared by the new Facebook Like button

Note: Use this post to talk about the Wordpress Facebook Like button plugin

If you’re using THE Facebook Like button plugin (the first one the market and most robust ;-) hosted on Wordpress, you want to be able to administer your pages.

It’s nice to have lots of people like your pages, but it’s even better if you can also send all those Facebook user a message too.
For instance you could post updates about your page, or offer products and services (or advertisement) in a pinpoint accuracy targeted way.

The main revolution Facebook announced at f8 on April 21st is that every legacy web page on the web can now be turned into a Facebook page.

Here is how it works in practice and how to administer your blog pages on Facebook.

You will be able to not only view all the Facebook users who Liked your page, but see statistics and also send all of them messages directly to their Facebook feeds.

Pretty powerful spammy viral tool here.

The First solution if you use Wordpress and the Facebook Like button plugin is to simply configure the plugin by entering your Facebook ID in the Settings page.

It will make an “Admin Page” link appear next to the number of shares you have so far for the page:

Like button with Admin link

And voil√†! You’re done. The meta data will be added automatically to the header.

The Second solution, if you don’t use the plugin, or if you use another blogging software or even a standalone website is to add some meta tags in the html header.

Here are the steps to do it manually in Wordpress.

1/ Modify you Wordpress header

Edit your Wordpress header file…

bash# cd ~/wordpress/wp-content/themes/<THE DIRECTORY OF YOUR THEME>/
bash# vi header.php

… by adding HTML tag attributes (very top of the file):

<html xmlns=""
        xmlns:fb="" <?php language_attributes(); ?>>

… and by adding these meta tags in the header section of the header.php file:

<meta property="fb:admins" content="YOUR OWN FACEBOOK ID"/>
<meta property="og:title" content="<?php the_title_attribute( $args ); ?>" />
<meta property="og:type" content="blog" />
<meta property="og:url" content="<?php echo get_permalink($post->ID); ?> "/>
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

Don’t forget to replace “YOUR OWN FACEBOOK ID” with your own numerical Facebook ID.
(example: “68310606562″ if you are Mark Zuckerberg)

Be careful to use the proper Facebook ID as once people start liking your post, you cannot change this ID anymore for security reasons.
You can only append new Facebook IDs (separate them with commas) and cannot replace the original Facebook ID which always has to appear first.
So in the previous example the first Facebook ID will always have to be 68310606562, otherwise Facebook will return this error when trying to like the page:

You previously specified 68310606562 as the leading admininstatory in the ‘fb_admins’ meta tag. The ‘fb_admins’ tag now specifies that 666 is the leading administrator. That needs to be changed back.

Also you can’t remove the Admin ID anymore once it’s been entered, or you will get this error:

Your page no longer includes any admininstrator IDs, even though you’ve specified one before. You must include 68310606562 in the ‘fb_admins’ meta tag, and it must be the very first one if there are many.
Facebook ©2010

Thanks to Tim at Hyperarts for the code.

2/ Administer your Facebook Ghost Pages

Now refresh your page, click on the “Like” button and notice the link to your newly created Facebook admin page as in this screen shot:

Facebook Like Admin Page

Clicking on the “Admin Page” link will redirect you to Facebook, which is only a regular Facebook Page automatically created with the picture specified in your header meta tag as profile picture.

It looks like this:

Facebook Like Admin Page on Facebook

Notice at the top the message in the yellow box confirming your are administrator of the page:

Administer Your Page.

You are seeing this page because you are an administator. All other users are directed to, but you are being directed here so you can manage your fans and publish stories to your fans’ News Feeds.

(hum, looks like Facebook doesn’t know how to spell administrator).

Facebook provides a list of all the pages you administer in one convenient place.

Facebook is definitely mirroring the whole entire world wide web with these ghost pages that will blossom like mushrooms this spring.

From this Facebook page you can:
- see all Facebook users who Liked your page (formerly known as “Fans”)
- see statistics about the page (“insights”)
- post a message to your page wall

You will then start getting a weekly email update from Facebook listing the statistics of all your the different pages that were created.

For each page you will see:
- number of fans this week and number of total fans (hum, Facebook still calls them “Fans” here, I guess it didn’t sound right to call them “Likers”?)
- Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (and last week)
- visits to your page this week (and visits last week)
- a direct link to Update your fans

Posting a message to your page wall will make your message appear in the Stream of every user who liked your page.

Virality is back (for external website that is, not Facebook applications)

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58 Responses to “Administer your ghost pages shared by the new Facebook Like button”

  1. ak says:

    This plugin works great. Is there a way to add the “like” and “comment” to the facebook wall post?

  2. Good post. I have a website with tutorials. Have spent a lot of time trying to implement the Like Button. First, it is true that you will not get a FB page with type=article. Also, for those folks who are not seeing the Admin link, you do have to like your page as others have suggested, but then I guess you just have to wait. I’d given up on seeing the Admin panel on my homepage (type=website) and all of a sudden, 2 weeks later, it appeared one day!! Is it because I logged on with Chrome? (I usually use Firefox which doesn’t seem to get along at all with the Like Button.) So don’t give up hope.

    The one thing I’m disappointed in is that there appears to be NO link whatsoever between the webpages with type=article and the homepage with type=website. To me this is a major flaw. Since few folks bother to come to my homepage (understandable), I’m getting no likes there and since the Facebook page is linked to the homepage (type=website), it will have little standing in Facebook search, which is a bummer. Just want to get exposure. I’m thinking of making each tutorial type=”something other than article” so FB pages will get created as that is where the Likes will be. Tried adding the website “Like” to each webpage and that, of course, was a mess as the 2 like buttons conflicted. Sigh.

    BTW, your blog post was also very funny. Thanks for the chuckles.

  3. Jason says:

    Up until last week … the plug-in worked great. Then poof … all of my likes disappeared. All of my ghost pages are still accessible via my FB profile … but they’re not communicating with my blog anymore. Before leaving the plug-in deactivated … I tried deactivating/reactivating, uninstalling/reinstalling … but no luck. Any suggestions?

  4. Danny says:


    Im using the LIKE button in the new release of my site. Im only wanting to use it to increase exposure for my site (who isnt) and the listings people have added.

    Will a “ghost page” be generated even if i dont specify an admin? Can i not connect the pages i have a LIKE button on to my facebook page and have wall posts there shared with the “likers” instead of having to go to a “ghost page”???

    Thanks in advance! :o)


  5. J-Lon says:

    I entered my FB ID# into the set-up screen, but I’m not getting a link for the admin screen for a post of mine that has 50+ likes. What am I doing wrong? It would be great to be able to see who liked this post.

  6. J-Lon says:

    Kind of a drag. Just looked at a page on my blog that had 70 likes and now they have all disappeared. That’s disappointing.

  7. J-Lon says:

    I take that last comment back. I liked the page again. Now I finally see an admin page and insight link. My 72 likes are back too. But when I go to look the admin page, the only like I see is my own like. I don’t see the other 71 people who evidently liked the page. Any thoughts on that?

  8. Hi, I’ve followed your instructions (I think) and cannot get the Admin option to appear. I made all the changes to the header.php file, I don’t have another header file than this.

    It would be nice to see WHO liked my pages.