Simple SSH tunneling: access your VNC from anywhere in the world

My dev machine, bsdev, is behind a firewall with only port 22 open for SSH.

Want to access the VNC server running on it on port 5901 from your Windows machine?


1/ Open putty, go to connection/ssh/tunnels

2/ Input your settings

In Source Port: 5901 (or any other port, it’s gonna be the local port on the client machine, just make sure it’s available)
In Destination: (this 5901 is important, it’s where the actual VNC server is running)
Then click “Add”, select the newly created entry, then click “Open”.

3/ Your user/pass on bsdev is asked, enter it and you get a shell

4/ Point your browser to localhost:5901

It prints just “RFB 003.008″ on the page, probably the VNC version or identifier.
Now start your VNC a point it to localhost:1 (1 maps to 5901)

The VNC should start as if connecting directly to bsdev.


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