Opaque to transparent gradient on layers in GIMP

1. Turn on Alpha channels (Layers/Transparency/Add alpha channels) if not already done
2. Click on the Gradient tool (L shortcut)
3. In the toolbox window under the tools appears the properties for the Gradient tool.
4. Click on the big rectangular icon and you see the setting by default is usually FG to BG (meaning the gradient will appear between the foreground color and the background color, with no transparency)
5. In the drop-down list that appeared select “FG to transparent
6. Choose you foreground color
7. On the layer, use the gradient tool by clicking and maintaining the left mouse button, moving the mouse in the direction of the gradient, and releasing the button where you want the gradient to stop (the layer will be totally transparent starting from where the mouse was pointing when you released the button)

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One Response to “Opaque to transparent gradient on layers in GIMP”

  1. Blake says:

    Doesn’t work. Just uses the foreground color instead of going transparent. I have an alpha channel added as well.